Mimosa-style eggs with diced aubergine

Recette - Mimosa-style eggs with diced aubergine - La Belle Iloise
An alternative version of a classic!

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Preparation Time

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Cooking Time

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What you need for this recipe


All ingredients
  • 2 glasses (105 g) la belle-iloise diced aubergine and cod
  • 6 eggs
  • 12 red cherry tomatoes
  • 12 yellow cherry tomatoes
  • 6 small handfuls of mesclun salad
  • 2 pinches of chopped dill (or chopped coriander)
  • 1 pot Greek yoghurt
  • Olive oil and and red wine vinegar dressing
  • Pepper
Let's get started


  1. Hard boil the eggs, and then cool them.
  2. Make the sauce by mixing the yoghurt with the herbs and some good quality freshly ground pepper, keep chilled.
  3. Prepare each plate with a handful of dressed salad, 2 red tomatoes and 2 yellow tomatoes cut in half and arranged harmoniously.
  4. Remove the shells from the eggs and cut them in half.
  5. Take out the yolks and set them aside
  6. Fill each ½ egg with the diced aubergine and place them in the centre of the plate.
  7. Put a little sauce on each egg and serve the rest in a ramekin
  8. Press the yolks through a sieve and then sprinkle over the top of each plate.
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