Panna Cotta with Parmesan and fine smoked tuna ratatouille

Panna Cotta with Parmesan and fine smoked tuna ratatouille
Perfect for an aperitif with friends!

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Preparation Time

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Cooking Time

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What you need for this recipe


All ingredients
  • 2 tins 1/6 (230 g) la belle-iloise fine smoked tuna ratatouille
  • 150 ml UHT cream
  • 150 ml milk
  • 2 generous tablespoons grated Parmesan (approx. 20 g)
  • 1 sheet gelatine (2 g)
  • 12 g Parmesan shavings
  • 2 dried tomato halves
  • 4 pinches toasted pine nuts (6 g)
  • Salt and pepper
Let's get started
  1. Soak the sheet of gelatine in cold water for 5 minutes.
  2. In a saucepan, heat the cream, milk, salt, pepper, and the Parmesan.
  3. Bring the mixture to the boil and then add the drained sheet of gelatine.
  4. When it has melted, pour the mixture into small glasses and chill for at least 2 hours.
  5. Before serving, place the fine smoked tuna ratatouille on top of the panna cotta.
  6. Decorate with the dried tomatoes cut into thin strips, toasted pine nuts, Parmesan shavings and fresh herbs or a rocket leaf for a touch of green.
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