Our Approach

Acting consciously means committing ourselves on a daily basis in our different activities, voicing our convictions and sharing the choices we make, in order to raise awareness regarding food issues and the collective challenges we face.

Acting consciously, our approach at la belle-iloise

Acting consciously

Convinced that each and every one can contribute to a more virtuous and sustainable society, and that together, we are stronger, la belle-iloise wants to play its part in building a better world by becoming a lever for collective action and change.

To ensure you make the right choice when purchasing our products, we always strive to be transparent about their manufacture, as well as about the company, its values and the way we operate.

Aware of the impact of its activities on the environment, la belle-iloise is determined to always do better by offering more virtuous products. This commitment is expressed on a daily basis by concrete actions for People and society, for the Environment and for our region.

The company is a strong lever for action because it reaches a large number of people and has an influence on its market. So we believe it can, and must, do its part to ensure that things move in the right direction.

Caroline Hilliet Le Branchu, President & CEO
[center]The spirit of doing well[/center]
Contributing to healthy & responsible eating

The spirit of doing well

Our spirit is to make good products, to innovate for a more virtuous diet, and to sensitize as many people as possible to the need for a healthy and responsible diet. That's our spirit, the spirit of doing things well, doing good things.

[center]Taking care of people[/center]
Promoting sustainable employability

Taking care of people

Offering everyone a chance to find their own place, and bringing out talents so that everyone can grow.

All this within an environment where it feels good to evolve. For us, these issues are essential, and we respond to them on a daily basis with a little extra soul of our own. Regardless of where one comes from, whether one is young, old, reserved or ambitious, at la belle-iloise, we are all about personalities.

[center]Reducing our impact [/center]
Using resources wisely

Reducing our impact

Making the most of our waste, using water and energy wisely, and exploiting marine resources sensibly.

Everything one does has an impact on the planet, and we are choosing to move in the right direction by working conscientiously every day to limit our footprint.

[center]Supporting local dynamics[/center]
Supporting economic and social activity of our territory

Supporting local dynamics

Supporting local initiatives and projects for the future, defending a sustainable, family-based business model: that's how we back our region, its dynamism and its economy.

The story of la belle-iloise is intimately tied to the Quiberon peninsula, has been for over 90 years, and will continue to be for a long time to come!

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