Payment methods

Means of payment

Payment by bank card

The full amount is debited to your bank card upon ordering, exclusively in euros. Payments by bank card are secured through the PayZen system. This solution enables you to make your purchases securely. 

When you pay online, you are automatically transferred to the bank server thanks to an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secure transaction. The card number is encrypted (using Transport Layer Security technology) between the browser and the PayZen server.

All the information relating to your bank card is exclusively registered in the databases of PayZen rather than those of Conserverie la Belle-Îloise. In no way does Conserverie la Belle-Îloise receive, register or save any element whatsoever having to do with your bank information. 

On our website, online payment is fully secured when you use a banking card (debit or credit card). Depending on your browser, when the payment is secure, you will see the prefix ‘https’ on the URL of the web page, as well as the key symbol. These visual signs indicate a fully secure payment for your purchase.

Payment by cheque

We accept payment by cheque for orders placed on our website. However, we only accept cheques drawn on French banking establishments.

For orders payable by cheque, we ask that you send us a single cheque with the order number written on the back, along with the acknowledgement of receipt for your order, to the following address: 

Conserverie la belle-iloise
CS 30804
56178 Quiberon

When we receive your cheque, your order will be sent to our Customer Service ( / +33 2 30 17 00 85) for handling.

Group order
Group order
Start an Group Order and invite others to join your order. They can add their favorite products for a joint delivery while saving the delivery fee.