Our Mission

Drawing on its long-standing values that give priority to quality and people, la belle-iloise aims to do its part in building a more virtuous society and a better world.

In concrete terms, our ambition is to have a positive impact on people's lives by offering products that are good for oneself and good for the Planet.

Our mission at la belle-iloise

As a manufacturer and distributor of canned food, our role is to make healthy, responsible eating accessible, while inviting you to enjoy the pleasure of eating well.

Convinced that good food leads to good health, that our food choices can contribute to a more sustainable world, and that eating should always be a pleasure - the pleasure of taste and shared moments, la belle-iloise's has set itself the mission of :

Enabling eachone to live better by conciliating healthy eating and pleasure

Caroline Hilliet Le Branchu, President & CEO of la belle-iloise

The challenges of more virtuous eating are unavoidable today, and we all have a role to play in building a more sustainable world. With this conviction at the heart of its mission, la belle-iloise aims to be a reference when it comes to eating well, and is committed towards the future.

Caroline Hilliet Le Branchu, President & CEO of la belle-iloise