Your loyalty programme

la belle-iloise loyalty programme
Your loyalty programme my belle-iloise

Your loyalty programme my belle-iloise

For over 20 years, we've been thanking you for your loyalty when you shop in our 90 direct sales shops, and now on our website.

I collect loyalty points in shop and online*.

1 € purchase = 1 loyalty point

A simple, advantageous programme

A simple, advantageous programme

- I collect loyalty points all year round for all my purchases, in shop and online*.

The first year: €1 purchase = 1 loyalty point
From the second year onwards, €1 spent in shop = 1.4 loyalty points

- I convert my loyalty points into a free box(es) from a selection of products, in shop or online

- I extend the validity of my points by two years with each purchase

- I can easily check my loyalty points balance online via My Account

*For each online order, my loyalty points give me a 3% discount on purchases of €240 or more and a 5% discount on purchases of €400 or more.

How do I convert my loyalty points?

How do I convert my loyalty points?


- I have an account in shop or online. I can use my loyalty points the next time I check out.

- I don't have a customer account yet, I'll ask for one to be created the next time I'm in shop.


- I'm already an online customer, I'll earn loyalty points the next time I order.

- I'm an in-store customer only, and I don't yet have an online account:

I create my account on by following the account creation procedure.

My email address is already known! A password recovery email is sent to me. I register my new password and find my loyalty points balance as well as the possibility of using them for my next online purchase.

My email address is not yet known! I validate the account creation form. The next day, I can see my loyalty points in my "My account" space. If not, I contact customer service on 02 30 17 00 85.

Group order
Group order
Start an Group Order and invite others to join your order. They can add their favorite products for a joint delivery while saving the delivery fee.