A great year 2024, together!

Best wishes 2024

Dear All

What a time! Here in Quiberon, 2023 has been a year of sunny days, storms and tides. In fact, last November, the sardine season came to an abrupt halt due to bad weather, and we were unable to produce all the volumes we had hoped for. That's just the vagaries of the trade! Nevertheless, the belle-iloise teams have achieved some great successes, and you have been able to discover some tasty new products, such as Mayoz'algues, some lovely limited editions, as well as our new website and two new direct sales outlets: one in Brittany on the Crozon peninsula, the other on rue Cler, our 5th Parisian shop!

To navigate through these turbulent times, at La Conserverie, we know how to be positive and willing to adapt. Seamanship teaches us that when things are moving, it's all about being innovative and confident! So, today more than ever, we believe in what we do, in the relevance of our mission: "To enable everyone to live better by combining healthy eating with pleasure".

We're convinced that good food contributes to good health, that our food choices can help make the world a more sustainable place, and that eating should always be a pleasure - a pleasure of taste and shared moments. That's why la belle-iloise has become a "company with a mission". Our company is thus officially affirming its raison d'être and its commitments by enshrining them in its articles of association. Our aim is to contribute to a healthy, balanced diet, to limit our impact on the environment and to support economic and social activity as close as possible to our local area.

Delighting you is therefore an integral part of our mission, and year after year we innovate to provide you with even more support and inspiration with our quality products. As we head into the New Year with all its surprises, our tasty preserves give you the opportunity to plan ahead and the freedom to improvise: just as practical for last-minute aperitifs and hurried meals as they are for cooking moments and creative menus. Whether you're at home, at the office, out and about or on holiday, for everyday meals or a big feast, belle-iloise is always there to delight you!

The coming year will be energetic and dynamic, with a playful theme, a good-natured atmosphere, plenty of gourmet events and a host of delicious new products.

So, together, let's make 2024 a good year, and may all your best wishes come true!

Caroline Hilliet Le Branchu

President and CEO of la belle-iloise
Granddaughter of the founder

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