How to consult your customer loyalty points?
Our loyalty programme offers you advantages that you may enjoy according to the method you choose to make your purchases:


On our website, we offer free shipping for a minimum order in the amount of €30 for delivery to a pick-up point and discounts according to the amount of your order.

In-store, you gain gourmet points that you may convert into gifts. Our sales representatives present you with a choice of products to discover depending on the number of points you’ve earned.

Consult the total of your gourmet points using your email address!


Step 1: I’ve already provided my email address in-store, or I’ll do so the next time I visit!

Step 2: I create an online account on by providing my name, email address and password. 

Step 3:  I receive an email from the Conserverie la belle-iloise and I agree to combine the two accounts in order to consult, in real time and online, the total of my points in my customer space, My account

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