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Bloggers, employees at the Cannery or simply people who enjoy the good things in life... They all have something in common: an appreciation for our little tins! For this new edition, we join the “Baroudeuse Culinaire” for her blog of a gourmet spring getaway...
05 - 06 - 2020
June has brought blues skies and particularly high temperatures... I'm heading for Cancale with my family, a few kilometres from our house.

I especially like going there on Sundays, the market day. There is a great selection of local producers with delicious gourmet treats from all over the region.

Our first step is to buy some food for our hiking and picnic trip. 

We all have our favourite stalls at this market. I like talking to the market gardeners, the fisherman who sells cod, and to the goat’s cheese producer... As for the boys, they have homed in on the tantalizing smell of the sausage pancakes, for which they will have to wait until lunch time. 


After the market, we go into Cancale town centre and then down into La Houle port. We follow the footpath from which you can see over the rooftops towards the sea and the magnificent Mont Saint-Michel in the middle of the bay. 

Located at the very end of the port, under La Houle lighthouse, facing the sea and the oyster beds, the Oyster Market is a famous gourmet experience.

We stop to taste a dozen oysters harvested directly from the beds. The view over the oyster beds and the emerald-coloured water is amazing!


We make an essential stop at Conserverie la belle-iloise in the port to buy some delicious tinned tuna and mackerel for the picnic. 

Conserverie la belle-iloise store in Cancale (9, Quai Gambetta)

We then leave the town, taking the road to La Pointe du Grouin and join one of the sections of the GR34.  

Inaugurated in 1969, this old customs officers' path with its sometimes pronounced but generally easy slopes, never gets monotonous! The marked route takes you through an incredible landscape with panoramic views over the entire Mont-Saint-Michel bay.

We follow the red and white markers for a few kilometres with our picnic in our backpacks.  


We decide to have our picnic to the left of the beach at Petit Port, under the pine trees, sheltered from the sun. Looking out at the clear water and the wild creeks, we tuck into our provisions from the market. The cans of tuna in olive oil and mackerel with mustard complement our fortifying snack with their ocean flavours.

The power and wonder of nature lulls us into a pleasantly relaxed state. 

The doors of the van slam shut. We're back on the road, heading for Saint Malo. The air is warm, but there is a light wind. We decide to stop at Le Havre du Lupin for a paddleboarding excursion. 

Marius has his life jacket on, and the waterproof bag with the water and snack for teatime is attached to the front of the paddleboard. We're all set! We leave the beach and paddle up to the old Tide Mill.

We approach a sandbank with samphire grass growing at the water’s surface, and plunge in our hands to pick bunches of these halophytes. I love cooking this plant with its powerful, iodized taste that explodes in your mouth.


The sun is beginning to go down, and we complete our excursion with a dip in the beautiful clear water, which is still quite cold at the end of spring. 

The end of a beautiful day, and we reflect on how lucky we are to live in this region full of endless wonders to explore. Back home, I continue our spring theme with some mackerel, ricotta, peas, and broad beans on toast... a delicious combination for any occasion! 

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