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From bloggers to our Cannery employees to foodies… All share the same passion for our lovely little tins, and all invite you to join the flow of their gourmet escapades! For this new edition, we embark upon Julia, a faithful customer of the Cannery who kindly agreed to tell us about her city...
04 - 03 - 2020
An emblematic city in the west of France, Nantes is regularly ranked first among the cities where it is good to live. It is true that one feels good, its pretty downtown invites me regularly to stroll and discover its gourmet addresses!

After walking the pedestrian streets, a gourmet stop is essential! Adept of the restaurant of la Conserverie la belle-iloise, located 6 rue Santeuil in the Graslin district, I am eager to discover the new concept…

The Gourmet Bistro-Store-Workshops of Conserverie la belle-iloise

The restaurant has turned into a Gourmet Bistro-Store-Workshops! The façade of the establishment was illustrated by Guillaume Denaud, a local artist who invites us to dive into the seaworld.

It is Patrice, chef of the place, who welcomes us and makes us discover this new warm and colorful place.

Patrice tells us that lunch menu offers various dishes: tartines, soups, salads, dish of the day. That everything is homemade and cooked from quality and fresh products, and tins from Conserverie la belle-iloise. Desserts are not forgotten and can be enjoyed at any time of the afternoon for a gourmet snack!

I set myself up and order a warm tartine with the "Luzienne sardine", the eye attracted by all the products and objects that surround me.

The colourful tins of Conserverie la belle-iloise side by side with antique objects : bowls and vintage containers. A sock display has even been turned into a tins spreader! Varuses, bowls, baskets, everything inspires me the atmosphere of seaside houses… Patrice tells me that everything is for sale by serving me my warm tartine!

I’m enjoying my sardines toast and I’m taking the opportunity to buy some tins.

Starting off, Patrice tells me that soon culinary workshops will be proposed on different themes… I already have a pretty good idea who I could go with!

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